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  • Kitcheners Barracks – Annual VVP License

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    Kitcheners Barracks – Annual VVP License

    Annual license for use of the Virtual Visitor Parking (VVP) App

    Once you have paid your license fee, please allow up to three working days for your account to be activated.

    Visitor parking will be monitored via a Virtual Visitor Parking (VVP) App. Residents of the development can use the PCM VVP App to book a valid parking session for their visitor to park. Visitor parking is limited to a maximum stay of 24 hours with a no return period of 48 hours for each registered vehicle and it is advised to book on arrival. An annual charge is applicable for use of the app at £20.00 per annum.

    Your visitors can only park in the ‘zone’ visitor bays where you reside. You cannot book your visitors vehicle to park in any other visitor bays on site. All visitor bays will be signed with a plaque on the front of the kerb stone which state the relevant zone in which it is located. If you do not know which zone your property is in, you can contact PCM or visit the Marketing Suite for assistance.

    For more information on how to download the VVP App and to register for your visitor parking sessions please refer to the ‘Kitchener’s Barracks – Parking Policy’ for full details.

    There is a restriction of maximum two virtual visitor parking sessions that can be used per household at one time, the maximum stay and no return periods are to be adhered to.

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