Booklet of 10 Visitor Scratch Cards


A booklet of 10 visitor scratch cards.


Please note that there is a £2.00 post & packaging fee for every scratch card order as we send all scratch cards recorded delivery.




Visitor scratch cards are not available on all sites. Therefore, if you attempt to purchase scratch cards without entitlement, your order will be cancelled. Please ensure that you enter an on-site address (i.e. that of a site that PCM patrol) for your shipping address as failure to do so may result in your order being voided. Scratch cards will only be sent to the address with a scratch card entitlement.


Please also note that you will not be able to purchase scratch cards via this web page if the scratch cards on your site are a different price for a booklet of £10. Variations in price may be due to a number of factors including landowner subsidisation, concessions elsewhere etc.  


Should you attempt to purchase more than your annual allowance of scratch cards, we will process the order for your remaining balance and charge appropriately.


For example, should you be entitled to 30 visitor scratch cards per year (3 booklets) but attempt to purchase 4 booklets, we will process the order for 30 scratch cards and charge £30.00 (+£2 shipping). Any surplus paid will be voided and returned to your original payment method.

Please park in accordance to the advertised signage - failure to do so could result in the issue of a parking charge notice